The Secret To My Happiness

In Spanish, there are two different words that I think are often misused: “contento” and “feliz”. In this post, I’d like to set a difference between them. The problem is that in English the translation is the same: “happy”. I will try to differentiate them using the verbs “feel” and “be”. Let’s start with the [...]

When Do You Want To Retire?

Yes, you can. Anything is possible. Dream. Two years ago, I would’ve been skeptical about these phrases. I used to think there are things we can do and things we won’t ever be good at so we better change focus and try other things or simply do what we’re good at. I’m not like that [...]

How I Found My Way

There I was: ranked first of my class in the fourth semester of a bachelor’s degree in business administration at the sixth best business school in Europe. For somebody like me, it is usually expected that they will work in a consultancy firm or in the banking industry, win loads of money and have a [...]